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“L’Antica Conceria” Self-Catering Holiday Apartments E-mail
Why the “Antica-Conceria” (Old Tannery)?

Immersed in the Nera River Park and situated really close to the Marmore Waterfalls, there is an old building, originally designed as a tannery, where talented craftsmen worked from 1800 to the 60’s.

Its history continues: with time it has undergone changes and hosts nine different activities: such as, the “Group of 4” ceramic lab, which has been “playing with earth, water and fire” for over 20 years, Thyrus Publishers, which boasts a library of 12 000 volumes and spacious rooms that can be used for conferences and training courses.

“L’Antica Conceria” self-catering holiday apartments are hidden on a wing of an old factory in the centre of Arrone, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The apartments are in the heart of the Nera River Park, a natural protected area with magnificent landscapes, six kilometres from the Marmore Waterfalls.

The bright apartments which vary in size, have been furnished with period furniture, have large living rooms and have fully equipped kitchenettes as well. As a whole, a warm and cosy environment has been created.

Two of the apartments have spacious terraces which overlook a large garden, where one can enjoy pleasant relaxing moments. One of the apartments is furnished with a fireplace for romantic winter evenings.

“L’Antica Conceria” self-catering holiday apartments originated with the concept of welcoming and allowing those who would like to “put their fingers in every pie”, to participate in ceramic, photography, editorial publishing and various programmed courses.