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Piediluco Lake

Piediluco Lake is one of the most picturesque places near Terni, bordering with Rieti. It is rich in tourism due to the quality of life it offers, all the events that take place there and to its “second centre of attraction”, Caperno Mountain, also known as Echo Mountain, which emerges from the lake’s water.

It has the capacity to repeat two decasyllables in just over four seconds.

There is a local legend that says that if one looks carefully at Echo Mountain when it is illuminated by a full moon on summer nights, one can see gnomes dancing in the woods and in the meadows below it.

St. Francis’ Convent

St. Francis’ convent, whose first documentary evidence dates back to 1291, has maintained the form that it took on in the 14th and 17th century. The convent originated from the first Franciscan communities which settled in the Valnerina, in particular in Arrone, after the preachings of St. Francis in Narni, Terni and around Terni.

The convent was strategically situated for those who, coming from Spoleto, wanted to reach the holy places of Franciscanism (Poggio Bustone, la Foresta, Fonte Colombo and Greccio) and vice-versa for those who, coming from Santa Reatina Valley, wanted to go on to the Spoleto and Assisi valleys.

This was most certainly one of the routes taken by St. Francis, as an alternative route through Terni and Narni, to reach the Sabina and the convent was certainly one of the legs of those (monks and/or believers) who, following the Saint’s tracks, went on pilgrimages in the holy places of Franciscanism in later centuries.

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